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First ISO LCA on Christmas Trees.ISO.html
“Tree Miles” MatterTree_Miles_Matter.html
Peer ReviewedPEER.html
Available Disposal MethodsDisposal.html
Indicators Used Indicators_Used.html
Six Years is the Average Break-EvenSix_Years.html
Who can use this study?Who_can_use_this_study.html
6.5 Ft. 11.2 Lbs, China, PVC, PP, and Steel (20%)Artificial.html
Live Cut.  6.5 Ft. 33 Lbs. Frasier Fur. PredominantLive_Cut.html
Where you live makes a differenceWhere_you_live_1.html


Key Points


Why use Christmas Tree’s at all?Why_use_Christmas_Trees_at_all.html
PVC & FlammabilityPVC_and_Flamability.html
Growing MethodsGrowing_Methods.html
Production MethodsProduction_Methods.html
Why we chose what indicator