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Growing Methods

In conducting the LCA, the growing methods for the natural tree were included. This included the cultivation of raw materials, equipment, energy production, labor, transportation, and packaging. The model considers everything over 2% of total cumulative mass of the product.

Could improvements in growing methods alter these results?

Improvements in the farming operations would help reduce the environmental impacts of cut trees. For example an older tractor may be less efficient than a newer tractor. This is the same for chainsaws or other equipment used on tree farms. Improvements in process and resource use would impact the total environmental impact.

Tree plantation management practices are also of consideration. Changes to the fertilizers, pesticides, mechanical mowers and management practices could also alter the impacts of live cut trees.

However, most of these impacts are minimal when compared to length of use, transportation, and disposal methods. LCAs, like this study are not about marketing but rather about management. The study sheds light onto what can be done to improve the delivery of the two tree types.