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The study focused on 5 key environmental indicators to determine the environmental preferability of both tree products.

  1. 1.Primary Energy Demand - Measured in Joules - Measure of total amount of non-renewable energy extracted

  2. 2.Global Warming Potential - Measured in CO2 - Measure of GHG Emissions like CO2 and Methane

  3. 3.Eutrophication - Measured in Kg of Nitrogen(e) - Measure of emissions that cause eutrophying effects (Choking of Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems)

  4. 4.Acidification - Measured in Mol H+ - A measure of emissions that cause acidifying effects to environment. (Changes pH)

  5. 5.Smog - Measured in kg NOx - Measure of emissions that cause smog.

Each indicator produced a different result as to which tree was preferable. We will focus on the average of all five indicators and the energy required to raise or produce of each tree product measured in Joules.

How much larger is the environmental impact of an artificial tree than a live cut tree?

For example. Comparing Artificial to Live Cut that is Composted.

Primary Energy Demand - 4.5 times greater in Artificial

Acidification - 8.2 times greater in Artificial

Carbon Dioxide (GWP) - 3.97 times greater in Artificial

Indicators Used