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Six Years is the Average Break-Even

The energy required to make one artificial tree is roughly equal to the energy it takes to raise six live cut trees. As a rule of thumb, the energy break even point for an artificial tree is about 6 years. Simply put, if your going to buy an artificial tree, keep it for at least six years.

For example, the environmental burden of creating an artificial tree is large in the beginning and decreases over time. A live cut tree has a smaller annual environmental burden, but is multiplied each year you purchase one new. In other words, there are no energy inputs needed to use an artificial tree, you don’t have to change the trees batteries, fill it up with gas, or maintain it with paint or pesticides. The environmental burden over the lifecycle of the artificial tree is reduced for each additional year that a customer uses that tree.

Said another way. One artificial tree used for more than six years uses less energy than purchasing a new natural tree each year for six years.