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The study determined that there are multiple factors that consumers need to consider to determine the “greener” christmas tree option.  The over arching finding is that where you live can help determine which tree is right for you.

We identified 4 factors to consider when determining which tree is right for you.

  1. 1.How your community disposes of Live Cut Christmas Trees.

  2. 2.Number of years an artificial tree is kept and reused

  3. 3.Distance driven by consumers to purchase the tree.

  4. 4.And, the choice of environmental indicator is considered.

Tips for Consumers this Holiday Season.

1. Purchase Christmas Trees Locally if you live in areas of the country where christmas trees can be grown.

2. Consider “Tree miles”. How far did the tree travel to get to your home? How far did you go to get it?

3. If you buy a cut tree every year, consider an artificial tree to minimize your environmental impacts.

4. If you own an artificial tree, keep it in use for at least six to nine years.

5. Properly dispose of your christmas tree by checking with your local waste authority.

Subjective, value judgments play a large part in determining the results of an LCA.  

What this LCA study shows is that there are environmental impacts with both products - throughout their production, delivery, use and disposal phases and that both product’s environmental profiles can be improved

Where you live makes a difference